Complaint management gem Art 26 DelVO (EU) 2017/565

At TAO Alternatives client satisfaction is our top priority.

Should there be cause for dissatisfaction or objection, contact our complaint management and we will examine your request in detail and find a solution to your issues promptly. When handling complaints, the following principles apply to TAO Alternatives:

  • When handling a complaint we shall use clear, precise and easy to understand language and word phrasing.
  • We shall handle every client complaint in a timely manner and promptly contact you with our response.
  • Upon request, we shall inform our customers of the status of their complaint in our system.
  • Our customers are promptly informed if unavoidable delays in handling their complaints occur.
  • Every complaint of our customers shall be answered conclusively and provided on a durable medium.
  • We inform our customers as early as possible about the possibility of filing a civil lawsuit in the event when alternative dispute resolution attempts fail.
  • We take all appropriate measures and arrangements to objectively and fairly record and process complaints.
  • We continuously review our complaint management processes in order to take due account of all relevant legal requirements and changes, in particular data protection regulations.
  • In order to prevent conflicts of interest to the detriment of our clients, we have set up an independent compliance function.
  • The submission of complaints is free of charge; it is possible to submit a complaint in writing by letter / fax, by telephone or electronically via e-mail.
  • Complaints are directed in entirety to the complaint management function.

Contact details of the complaints management office:

TAO Alternatives

Complaint Management